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Herb Magic Sachets

Herb Magic Sachets


These small square pouches can aid in several intentions. Each intention is made of a fabric of an appropriate color, filled with three corresponding herbs, and stitched with a sealing sigil.


  • Disclaimer and Allergies

    These sachets are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep them on a nightstand or desk, in a pillowcase or pocket, or anywhere associated with your intention. Do not open them. Do not eat them or the contents. Desired results are not guaranteed by the purchase and use of this product. The contents of each variation are listed below for those with allergy concerns.

    • Sleep (blue): Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary
    • Focus (orange): Sage, Rosemary, Mint
    • Protection (black): Blackberry, Witch Hazel, Black Pepper
    • Anti-Theft (white): Caraway, Garlic, Juniper
    • Prosperity (green): Banana, Pecan, Oak
    • Employment (brown): Pecan, Devil's Shoestring, Cinnamon
    • Luck (gold): Heather, Allspice, Rose
    • Health (purple): Thyme, Bay, Oak
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